Enabling pathology training and tuning in biomarker development

the new digital approach for pathology training

the pathotrainer solution


As predictive tissue biomarkers are developed, a need has evolved for trained pathologists who can accurately score according to a broad range of assay-specific algorithms. Pathologists who score using these algorithms must be aligned and score consistently over time.  

Status quo

  • Current slide-based approach to Pathologist training faces the logistical challenge of transporting people, slides and training material. 
  • Size, location and number of training sessions is limited. 
  • Concurrent training is not possible. 


Pathotrainer leverages partner HistoGeneX' clinical services to acquire, section, stain, scan and score samples. It assembles all whole-slide images, scoring forms, consensus scores and scoring manuals in one digital training module which can be re-iterated. Moreover, we have a broad network of expert pathologists to provide on-site or webinar trainings.

The pathotrainer application